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An original MOBA game based on world mythology, which, unfortunately, could not find more than 5 years of its existence, a full-fledged place on the cybersport scene. Despite this, if you look at the other side - your audience, and this is not a lot of 10 million people, the game has.

The game has its own distinctive, relative to other MOBA, features. First of all, this is the world - if in the League of Legends and Dota 2, its own completely fictional universe, then Smite uses world mythology as the basis. Secondly, the game presents a relatively small number of heroes - 84. Third, the game has a peculiar system of subjects and the development of heroes.

In the rest - the game is not very different from other games of this genre. Competitive games take place on the "conquest" mode - 5 by 5, three lines.

The popular game Smite was released by Hi-Rez Studios at the beginning of the year two thousand fourteen. This MOBA was carefully designed, balanced, and also extremely convenient, both for a professional and a beginner gamer. This game is very enjoyable during the game process, thanks to the perspective of a third person. This game is constantly held large-scale tournaments, because so popular rates on Smite.

Features of the implementation of rates on Smite
It is important to take into account that not all bookmakers actively bet on this e-sports discipline, because SMITE appeared recently. But their popularity is gradually increasing, because the game is an excellent platform for betting and effective earning.

Now there are many portals where rates are actively held. For example, you can use the Alpha Draft service. It is the best place with which you get real money. The tournament "ESL" currently provides its own league for hosting fantasy championships. However, the prize is a game currency, namely "crystals", because it is popular only with users that play in SMITE.

So far, most sites do not yet have a specific menu for this game, which are available for such popular fantasy as the "League of Legends" and "Dota 2". But, soon their number will only increase.

smite esports games
What do you need to start? First, choose a platform for betting among all the abundance. To do this, you need to review the reviews of companies, as well as consult with people who have already tried to bet online. If among your friends there are no such people, then you can contact the forums where they discuss this topic.

After you have chosen where you will bet, you need to register. It usually takes up to 5 minutes, since the registration form consists of only a few fields. After registration, you will see your personal account, which is also a game account. Then the balance should be replenished. This can be done with a card or an electronic wallet. Money is very simple and quickly falls into the account and also quickly they can be withdrawn from there.


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